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As the world is moving towards digitization, it keeps bringing innovative solutions to many complex problems with the application of Artificial Intelligence. You must have noticed the latest buzzword in the tech world, ‘Deep Learning’; but first, let's go through Machine Learning!

What is Machine Learning?

A computer program is taught in machine learning in response to a given input to provide the desired output. It is done via a training set where data scientists put input and output into the computer by using coding and algorithms. For example, when you put an input like a person's image, the computer program will provide you with the person's demographics, which is the output.

How Does Machine Learning Help?

Now the question comes down to what solution does machine learning provide? The coding of these computer programs is done manually for each situation, such as product recommendation based on buying history, face recognition, how to play chess, etc. Writing code for hundreds of situations like these can be pretty time-consuming and difficult for a human being. With machine learning, the software engineers only need to provide the desired input and output, and the computer itself figures out how to write the program. It lets the computer algorithms create and constantly fine-tune a predictive model that helps identify and recognize future data.
This wouldn't have been possible without digital transformation. Now a huge part of what we do has shifted online, which accumulates more data. This data collection enhances the predictive model and lets it make a better decision. With time, as more and more data is accumulated, it outperforms other machine learning algorithms, hence achieving human-level performance. This whole phenomenon is termed as Deep Learning, where AI and technology eliminate the human need to perform tasks.