Smart Washroom Solutions


Smart Washroom

On-demand smart cleaning to keep your management and users happy!

Cleaning washrooms can be a hectic job when done with traditional labor-intensive methods. The cleaning industry needs to leverage the advantages of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data to use less labor and make their cleaning processes efficient. Our smart washroom solutions help the facility management operators provide the users with a pleasant experience while putting in less manpower.

With our smart washroom system, you will get smart soap dispensers, wet floor detectors, smart toilet roll dispensers and much more. It is a ceiling device with a sensor transceiver and cellular Ethernet/Wi-Fi connectivity to detect relevant data and inform the faculty management. This device is ideal for all those places where management needs to service multiple restrooms and face many crowds.

Benefits of our Smart Washroom Solution

✔ Easy to install with no recurring costs

✔ Positive user experience

✔ Better brand image

✔ Reduced workforce and operational costs

✔ Tracking of usage patterns and levels

✔ Instant alerts to the management

Vacancy Indication

It can be a hassle when people are waiting in lines to go to the restroom, only if the management learns which restrooms are empty so they can send people there. Therefore our smart devices and IoT solutions let the management know how many and which stalls are available without any privacy concerns because they are non-visual tools and use sensors to gather data.

Fall Detection

There is a likelihood of someone falling into the washrooms, and mostly it is the elderly who can face serious damage if not assisted immediately. With the fall detection feature, the management will be alerted if anyone falls in the washroom to offer assistance instantly.

Smart Soap Dispenser

The soap dispensers are equipped with sensors that alert the administration when it needs to be replenished. In this way, the users will always get soap, and the cleaners don't have to check each restroom to see if it is empty or not. In the end, the management will also get to learn about the total consumption of the toilet supplies with the gathered data.

Goodbye Complaint

Even before the incident occurred, you actually reduced the cleaners extra round because of the MagicBean real-time data that lets you know which area of the toilet needs cleaning.