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Alpha Beans Limited brings you digital solutions that will take your business to the next level. We offer smart application development and innovative Artificial Intelligence products that help you effectively improve your operations.

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Our CLients

Alpha Beans Limited harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence and technology to benefit enterprises and consumers. We believe that every sector should realize the power that technology offers and utilize it fully to make their operations effective. Our unique solutions transform the brands in such a way that their businesses grow even when the times change.
Here is a snippet of what we have worked on so far. We pride itself in offering digital transformation consulting services and IoT solutions for businesses.

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How Can We Help Your Business?

We help your business in two ways:

    ● The first is to offer our powerful readymade products all set to boost your business.
    ● The second is to build a tailor-made solution or software according to your business needs and requirements.

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Our Services

Our services are not limited to professional software development; we use your business goals and integrate them with our services to increase your ROI and outcomes. We offer digital consulting services and IoT solutions for businesses. From design and building to support and maintenance, we have got the right tools to elevate your success so that you can touch the new lengths of excellence.

Digital Consulting

Alpha Beans Limited helps companies find the right moves to win in a dynamic and increasingly competitive environment. We have analysed most market emerging technologies to pinpoint what we can offer the "accurate advice".

UI/UX of Digital Products

UI/UX design is the basic foundation for a good and successful product. It is all about creating a unique design that resonates with your customers and making sure that it offers them a one of a kind experience. With extensive experience, our team has mastered UI/UX design, usability, and design thinking to let you know what success smells like.

Software Development

Alpha Beans Limited also offers software development services according to your business needs. Our highly skilled team develops customized software to boost your revenue and help you gain a good reputation in the industry.

Our Solutions

Areas of Expertise:

● Website Development
● Mobile Apps Development
● Enterprise System Development
● IoT Solution
● Software Architecture and Design
● Reengineering and Migration
● Technical and User Documentation
● Maintenance and Support
● IT Consultancy

Smart Retail

Our unique smart retail solutions are strategically designed to meet the current needs of both the consumers and retailers. It enhances the overall design and development of shopping malls and retail stores while giving a better shopping experience to the visitors.

Smart Washroom

With our smart washroom system, you will get smart soap dispensers, wet floor detectors, smart toilet roll dispensers and much more. It is a ceiling device with a sensor transceiver and cellular Ethernet/Wi-Fi connectivity to detect relevant data and inform the faculty management.

IoT Solutions

We all know that everything around us is evolving in this new digital age, and one of the key players behind this revolution is the Internet of Things. With the help of IoT solutions, the need for human supervision and workforce in everyday processes is reduced significantly; thus, people can focus on other analytical and valuable work.

Machine Learning – AIBeans

As the world is moving towards digitization, it keeps bringing innovative solutions to many complex problems with the application of Artificial Intelligence. You must have noticed the latest buzzword in the tech world, ‘Deep Learning’; It is done via a training set where data scientists put input and output into the computer by using coding and algorithms.