IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions

Simplifying your business with IoT solutions!

We all know that everything around us is evolving in this new digital age, and one of the key players behind this revolution is the Internet of Things. It has offered new possibilities to everyone by keeping the systems connected and providing data anywhere at any time.
When all the operations and processes are leveraging IoT, it is plausible that it requires IoT solutions and this where Alpha Beans comes in!

Overview of IoT:
For those of you who are new to this, the term Internet of Things (IoT) means smart connected systems. It connects any device such as electronics, sensors, computers to the internet or other networks to exchange data or communicate. It has three core elements, the physical, the smart and the connectivity. With the help of IoT solutions, the need for human supervision and workforce in everyday processes is reduced significantly; thus, people can focus on other analytical and valuable work.

IoT systems are built on machine learning algorithms and consist of sensors to gather data, equipped with communication capabilities and connectivity. With the help of processors, hardware/software, embedded sensors, etc. IoT devices can receive the data, act on it, and send it to other devices.

How Does It Work?

Alpha Beans Limited combines IoT solutions with cloud computing to offer valuable services for consumers and enterprises; it helps them reduce their operational costs of maintenance and development.

Our IoT systems have the following key components:


The first and essential component of any IoT system is a network of sensors. These sensors are deployed in the field to receive and gather data. The quantity of sensors depends on the size of data that needs to be gathered. If the IoT systems are complex, more sensors are placed in several devices spread across the geographical area.

Connectivity Medium

Once the sensors gather the data, it is then transferred through a connectivity medium which can be anything wireless or wired, such as LAN, Wi-Fi, cellular, satellite, Bluetooth, etc.

Data Processing through Cloud or Access Gateway

The collected data is processed in two ways. When the data is not in large quantities, it is broken down and analyzed by a server known as an ‘Access Gateway’. For the projects where lots of data is concerned, like most applications, organizations, or online platforms, access gateway only consolidates the data and passes it to the cloud where all the processing and analyzing is done. You must be already using a cloud service; Apple offers its iCloud services, Google offers Google Drive, and many other cloud services are offered by big e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Alibaba, etc. It is a giant interconnected network of powerful servers hosted on different platforms.In the cloud, the processing, commanding, analytics and other actions occur in real-time. Data processing has many facets, and it can act as a boundary between the sensors and the user application.

User Application

The whole purpose behind IoT is to make the data useful to the user in a comprehensive and simplified manner, no matter what the project scale is. Like in Alpha Beans Limited Smart Retail or Smart Washroom Solution, the analyzed data of the crowd or washroom can be sent via an IoT notification system to the internal management team or the public for further action. If needed, this data can also be displayed on large LED screens or any other analytics tool to offer more applications and uses to the end-users.