Smart Retail Solutions


Smart Retail

Taking the shopping experience to a new degree!

Our unique smart retail solutions are strategically designed to meet the current needs of both the consumers and retailers. It enhances the overall design and development of shopping malls and retail stores while giving a better shopping experience to the visitors.

With the implementation of our smart application development and digital transformation consulting, you can optimize the efficiency of the operations concerned with the shopping experience that ultimately improves the customers' welfare.

How Do We Help?

Smart Toilet Solutions

With the help of connected IoT devices, valuable information in a mall such as people count, wet floor detection, toilet paper availability, hand-washing soap level can be gathered and analysed. This data lets the administration set a policy or develop a strategy to handle the situation once detected. All of this might seem too good to be true, but it can be done with our AI-powered video analytics software.

Wayfinding Solutions

Shopping malls are huge these days, and it can be a struggle to find the shop you are looking for. Our smart retail has a solution for that too! Our product, is a digital wayfinding system that seamlessly lets your visitors navigate the property. Not just that, it can also keep the visitors updated about the weather and traffic situations and promote local business and amenities.


SignBean for retail enables you to dynamically build, manage and disseminate all your marketing ideas in the form of easy, customer-centric information such as notifications and updates. The scope of retail digital signage is so vast that it presents you with endless possibilities to optimize your business.

Tackle Obstacles

To further elaborate on how our products can bring solutions, here are some real-life scenarios of shopping malls or retail stores.

Toilet Crowd Control

Using different colors, you can display the toilet status to let the user know whether the stall is empty or not. The color can be visible from a distance so that they don't walk all the way down to the toilet to know that it is filled. With the wayfinding signage system, they can see which toilet is less busy as you will have the real-time data to keep them updated and navigate towards it.

People Counting

It is important for the administration to know which area in a mall or retail store will have more people and which will have less to take the corrective measures for crowd control. With the help of the real-time data, the management will be able to make different plans to cater to people and reduce the crowd by persuading them to go to less crowded areas.

Smart Kiosks

Once you know how many people are at each location, you can display the data on kiosks to make better decisions. Best Wayfinding systems, let the customers find what they need, prevents them from facing crowds, standing in lines, and ultimately enhancing their experience by letting them shop smoothly.

Smart Toilet

With the help of using various sensors, toilet paper availability, hand washing soap level, toilet usage, air quality, and ammonia level can be detected in the washrooms. This helps with taking immediate measures or actions so that the customers don't face any bad experience.